#20597 Twinned DT Tibetan Guru Quartz
Twinned DT Tibetan Guru Quartz
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This really neat 1.3 oz, 2.6" by 0.85” by 0.6" DT Tibetan quartz and is very amazing. She is clear in the terminations and misted in the center making her look less clear than she is … and she is twinned at one termination. Her back has a rough-looking but healed area inset with a bit of golden healer … likely a long healed contact area. There are some subtle glyphs on the terminal faces and a few little shy rainbows. She has some tiny dings but nothing significant. The energy flows are distinctly different, depending on the end that you are using for direction. Tibetans have HUGE energy to begin with and she is a powerhouse!

The energy literally shoots from your hand and you can feel a “gush” coming through the Crown Chakra. Honestly, it is like a big, cosmic sneeze – clears your head and then you’re ready to sit and work with her. This is a Spirit of the Indigo Ray: the Third Eye. Indigo is among the rarest of colors – almost indescribable. A scientist can tell you the wavelength of yellow or blue or red – not so indigo. She is an ancient Spirit, cloaked in mystery. As you sense her, your mind’s eye sees a great temple nestled into the side of a mountain. It is austere and the trees around it are gnarled and small. As you enter the temple, you are struck by the contrast – outside, all struggles and inside, you walk into a Light beyond words! The Light is without color, yet its presence is palpable. Your Third Eye is hot and seems to be wide open as her indigo light showers over you. You must work slowly with this Spirit so that the opening is gradual and you adjust to the changes. Ask her to “go easy on you” and she will ensure that you are not overwhelmed. Your world will never look the same again!

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Twinned DT Tibetan Guru Quartz

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