#20601 AAA Large Prismatic Colombian Lemurian Quartz Wand
AAA Large Prismatic Colombian Lemurian Quartz Wand
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You will be astonished by the brightness and brilliance of this rare, large and AAA Lemurian quartz wand … he’s from the Peñas Blancas Mine near the Muzo emerald mining area of Colombia, weighs 4.4 oz and measures 5.7” by 1.1” by 1.1”! There are Lemurians from all over the globe, but you simply will not believe how incredible and different these are! Their sides are angled just right to create prismatic effects on the sides. The Lemurian lines are very tactile (Muzo habit) and one side has so many lines that it appears matte. There are many rising pyramids among those lines as well. The golden areas are cookeite inclusions and in one picture, you can see a teeny cluster of them among the quartz druse on one side … and the larger square and rectangular keys are due to cookeite. There are a number of small, shallow quartz keys and he has a “shovel” termination with adjoining triangular timeline. His remaining faces are so tiny that you can only pick out one easily! He is a master healer who will delight you with his brilliant energy!

Colombian quartz is some of the purest and most prismatic of any in the world and as such, this Spirit has very (and I mean very!) intense energies … the Lemurian lines are profound you can really set up waves of energy by running thumb or finger up and down them … kind of like hitting different keys on a piano. This makes him truly a utilitarian Lemurian for any occasion since you literally can adjust the energies as needed. He is very effective as a diffuser, perfect for filling a larger area with wondrous and bright energies and believe me, he is like a magic wand with his abilities to fill an area! If there were to be one Lemurian to use, this would be the one … you will be astonished by his directness and facility of use not to mention his extraordinary handsomeness!

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AAA Large Prismatic Colombian Lemurian Quartz Wand

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