#20604 Astounding Large Russian Lemurian Quartz for Altar - Sacred Scribe
Astounding Large Russian Lemurian Quartz for Altar - Sacred Scribe
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This is a very amazing, 1 lb 3.8 oz, 5.9” by 2.7” by 1.9” Russian Lemurian quartz with two side students. She has a gentle, light smoke color and there is a large key to her back. Base and side contact area have totally healed and there is a sparse druse of very teeny-tiny quarts crystals on three terminal faces. She positively fills with light … the Lemurian lines and her glittering druzy terminal faces create a movement of that light that has to be seen to be believed! Her faces are covered with glyphs and record keepers, including a few trigonic ones, and a few shy rainbows! She is old stock and a rare and uncommon size … she is very pristine (one very little nick at the back of the termination) and is ready to share her splendid energy with her rightful Keeper, honoring his/her special altar space.

The noted crystal worker, JaneAnn Dow was the first to work with and write about the Russian Lemurians and she gave them the name of “Sacred Scribe”. She generally found them a wealth of information and detail (from the glyphs on the faces), particularly about healing, but she stresses that they are not so much about healing as for affecting our circumstances and that of the entire planet. She also felt that these crystals were activators for others – either in a grid or with one in the other hand during meditation.

Most of the Russian Lemurians are rather male (yang) energies, however, this one is profoundly female. She has a gentle, almost moon-like aspect to her that allows her to glow with light … joyous, soaring light! Her role is as activator, but not necessarily with other crystals, but rather with her Keeper. She is meant for a Keeper who is flailing about, looking for a role in this Life’s Expression. She will help find focus, self-assurance and meaning, particularly in regard to reading the signs along the path and recognizing those red flags that we all like to ignore. Treasure her …

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Astounding Large Russian Lemurian Quartz for Altar - Sacred Scribe

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