#20609 Deep Blue DT Sapphire Pair - Angel Beam
Deep Blue DT Sapphire Pair - Angel Beam
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This is a wonderful pair of DT sapphires from Madagascar, ~0.75” tall and with a total weight of 15.7 grams. Each is a deep, deep blue with accents of golden healer, one with more accents than the other. These are VERY uncommon and an absolute delight to work with!

When I first held these Spirits I knew they were angel beams – you can place one on a desk or a table – just somewhere near you – and immediately you feel a sweetness to the air. They are serenity, peace and wisdom. The pair sets up a field of life flow so that you feel totally at ease and comfortable with All That Is. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a sense of peace from a crystal before! They would also be awesome placed in a room with the sick so that the angels are there to protect. And if the illness is profound and terminal, they will bring the angels to permit a beautiful and gentle passing. This is a sweet, sweet pair who will share much with their Keeper.

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Deep Blue DT Sapphire Pair - Angel Beam

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