#20623 Healer’s Tool - Rich Purple Sugilite with Bustamite
Healer’s Tool - Rich Purple Sugilite with Bustamite
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This is a 0.4 oz, 1.1" by 0.741” by 0.7" polished freeform of sugilite. Her sugilite is a rich, dark purple that contrasts nicely with the chocolate-brown of bustamite in ripples. She has a pleasing feel as a pocket touch-stone and is a wonderful, healing and soothing energy. She is from South Africa.

Sugilite strongly stimulates the Third Eye for psychic development. Interestingly, this is of critical importance to the Healer as sugilite allows patient and Healer to blend their efforts into deep, seamless treatments. This additional kind of "seeing" enables a total view and sensitivity to all aspects of healing. Richterite is calming and stress-reducing while bustamite is incredible for allowing you to both see and remove energy blockages. When you combine all three together, you have an amazing healing tool for both the Healer and personal meditation.

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Healer’s Tool - Rich Purple Sugilite with Bustamite

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