#20628 Keyed Zambian Lemurian Starbrary Quartz Wand - Time Travel
Keyed Zambian Lemurian Starbrary Quartz Wand - Time Travel
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This is a fascinating, lightly opalescent and clear 2.4 oz, 4” by 1” by 0.8” wand from Zambia. She has a healed base, and a nice shovel termination and a thin future timeline. Her sides hold intricate and minute starbrary glyphs blended with her Lemurian lines. Although most are gently inscribed Ursa Minor glyphs, there are a few others as well! There is a single student at her slanted and healed base and a series of keys that give her a spiral feel. There is a very small nick at the termination and a scrape that obliterated a tiny face; otherwise she is in excellent condition.

She is intricate and delightful all at once, ready to go right to work with her special Keeper!

This laser wand is extraordinary and now I understand about how the Pleiadians communicated with the Lemurians … crystals such as these facilitated a kind of time travel between the worlds where the individual in a trance state was able to “slip between time” … can’t describe it any other way. For long light-year type distances, conventional travel is unsuitable. On an etheric level, the distance is traversed almost instantly and one can connect with the Pleiadian Elders simply and easily. Interestingly, this crystal has glyphs from three different star peoples so in effect, this is a Master Starbrary but on a new level. She is meant for a Star Seed who has many questions …

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Keyed Zambian Lemurian Starbrary Quartz Wand - Time Travel

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