#20643 Stargazer Russet Aragonite Sixling Lifepath
Stargazer Russet Aragonite Sixling Lifepath
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This is a 0.8 oz, very unusual and pocket-sized aragonite, shaped by Mother Earth into a gorgeous crystalline expression! She measures 1.2” by 1.1” by 0.5” and is from Spain. Unlike the little russet and cinnamon aragonite “sputniks” you see from Morocco, she is only a luscious russet with sixling terminations! A sixling is a six-sided crystal and she is that … a flower-like shape top and bottom with snowflake-like etchings! If you look at her carefully, you’ll see that she is not a single crystal but a community of sixling aragonite crystals formed into a large sixling aragonite crystal! She has students - stargazer students top and bottom and a largesse to the side! She is in awesome condition, ready for her special Keeper – I think you will be awed!

Aragonite is a desert crystal, formed in the most arid parts of the world where etheric vibrations are easier to sense. Like the russet aragonite, she has the earthy vibrations, but she also has those of the desert at night when you can see every star in the Universe. Shadows are deep and mysterious and the sounds and fragrances are heady and abundant. All of the senses are heightened and oh what amazing energies you can feel! She wakens the Earth Goddess and the Star Goddess at the same time. Never will you have felt so connected to both, in balance, in touch and in concert with the Universe! She is calming and yet, invigorating. I know that sounds counterproductive, but when you get really excited about something, it’s hard to know what to do first and there is a sense of frustration about it because the energy is out of balance. When properly modulated, the energy flows, things are taken in stride and you move effortlessly from thing to thing. She is an extraordinary companion for someone who is kind of “burned out” on Spiritual development and needs to realign. And there is an additional role to her in that she is a sixling … a measure of the number of her sides, but also the number of the Lifepath. Her sixling in sixling formation offers vision to the “other side” … the unseen. This means that she will be instrumental in assisting her Keeper with life decisions, choices and determinations … a rare and wonderful crystalline companion! Plus she is one of the most unusual and stunningly beautiful crystals you will ever see – just stunning!

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Stargazer Russet Aragonite Sixling Lifepath

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