#20645 Surreal Purple Sugilite with Spotted Manganese
Surreal Purple Sugilite with Spotted Manganese
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This is a 10.4 gram, 1” by 0.8” by 0.5” piece of unpolished, squarish sugilite. She is shades of intense, neon purple, accented with abundant splotches of slivery black manganese. She has is a wonderful ‘worry stone’ with a wonderful, peaceful energy and a genuine air of mystery that is totally intriguing. She would be splendid used as a special Healer’s Stone for Third Eye development. Note that the pictures were taken wet to show the colors better.

Sugilite strongly stimulates the Third Eye for psychic development. Interestingly, this is of critical importance to the Healer as sugilite allows patient and Healer to blend their efforts into deep, seamless treatments. This additional kind of "seeing" enables a total view and sensitivity to all aspects of healing. In addition, use of sugilite during personal meditation allows her Keeper to further open the Etheric Chakras as well as the Third Eye. In particular, I love the varying patterns of this piece, lending her well to scrying – a perfect application!

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Surreal Purple Sugilite with Spotted Manganese

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