#20646 Sweet Indigo Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) in Frosty Quartz
Sweet Indigo Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) in Frosty Quartz
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This wonderful sort of frosty 13.1 oz quartz is from Brazil and is 4.1” by 3.25” by 1.7” with a number of russet hematite accents. Her slanted base is healed as is her side that was sheared off … iron seeped into some of those areas and you will see dendrites forming. Inside are many wonderful rods of deep indigo blue tourmaline (indicolite) with several rods residing on the largest side! These form a natural grid inside and rather remind me of the lines in the Andean desert. A few albite crystals appear near the base. There are neat glyphs on faces and among the Lemurian lines on the top, you will see two ancient keys edged in a “frost” of teeny blue tourmalines! She fills with light and shows what a wonderful, strong Spirit she is and who will be a great source of enlightenment and healing to her Keeper. She does have a few very small dings remaining, but nothing of significance.

Generally, blue tourmaline in quartz is a strong Third Eye stimulant and protector. She certainly does stimulate the Third Eye, but more in a more quiet and sort-spoken way. When you place her in your hand against the palm meridians, you will feel peaceful, relaxed and serene. Once in this state, it is easier to ‘let go’ and allow the Third Eye to open. She teaches that through this serenity, this centering, love arises and surrounds … with this cycle so initiated, she can infuse her wisdom and awaken the psychic abilities, while protecting from psychic attacks. You will come to treasure this dear friend and she will become a favorite in your meditation companions.

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Sweet Indigo Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) in Frosty Quartz

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