#20674 Healing Colorful Pleiades Starbrary Quartz with Spiral Energies
Healing Colorful Pleiades Starbrary Quartz with Spiral Energies
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This is very strange misted and gold and red-included quartz from Brazil, 2.8 oz and 2.6" by 1.25" by 1.1". There are students that seem to line the termination giving him a nice mulit-termination arranged like a spiral around the main termination. The colorful expression comes from golden healer that leans towards orange when concentrated and the red accents arise from hematite, evident in tiny spheroids. There are a few holographic Pleiades starbrary glyphs on to sides while remaining sides have numerous small keys that obscure them. He does have some dings, long healed, and a few very little modern ones … he is actually an empath and look rugged, but he is absolutely awesome and would be marvelous used in a healing situation where the healing secrets of the Star Peoples could assist.

Starbraries are recognized by the presence of glyph-like markings, symbols and geometric patterns plus usually a doorway or key. By aligning fingers with the doorways or keys, you can unlock different layers, depending on orientation. Companion crystals are important - they either come with the crystal (purchased with or given with) or appear shortly thereafter. They don't have to be quartz, but work with the main crystal to unlock different layers or even gain access to the crystal itself. All Starbraries work like that - the companions facilitate access, although it's possible to gain access just from the Starbrary itself.

Spirals are inherent in all of nature and even our own DNA. We see them in rock art, in the opening of a rose, the shape of a chambered nautilus … it is thought that all sacred geometry is derived from the Golden Ratio of the spiral and therefore, it is considered to be at the seat of all life, the Transcendental Mystery, the universal pattern of growth and evolution. Crystals such as this one reinforce the spiral energies and are important for Healers and Light Workers alike since they help to remove blockages and realign the primal energies we are all born with. This is a crystal for a Keeper on a strong healing as well as spiritual path … who knows what heights you will achieve together!

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Healing Colorful Pleiades Starbrary Quartz with Spiral Energies

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