#20679 Light DT Golden Citrine Lumiere of Atlantis Quartz Wand
Light DT Golden Citrine Lumiere of Atlantis Quartz Wand
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This is a favorite of mine among the Brazilian quartz! She is deceptive in that she looks like a strange kind of elestial cathedraled quartz … but hold her to the light and she glows with a magnificent, albeit light, sunny, golden tone tinted with smoke that seems to follow the multitude of terminations covering her. Unlike the previous lumiere quartz which were jacare, these are not … kind of like younger versions. If you study her with a loupe, you’ll see that the surfaces are lightly covered with glyphs some of which are Lyran starbrary glyphs … and she is a DT with both terminations being multi. Her terminal faces are lightly glyphed and her sides are castled with the castled sides twisting ever so slightly, giving her nice spiral energies. She has a single nick to the back of one of the terminations that is beginning to heal, but otherwise, she is in excellent condition. She is from the Jenipapapo Mines in Brazil and is 10.3 oz and 5.1” by 1.3” by 1.5” and is quite ready to meet her Forever Keeper.

Spirals are inherent in all of nature and even our own DNA.  We see them in rock art, in the opening of a rose, the shape of a chambered nautilus … it is thought that all sacred geometry is derived from the Golden Ratio of the spiral and therefore, it is considered to be at the seat of all life, the Transcendental Mystery, the universal pattern of growth and evolution. Crystals such as this one reinforce the spiral energies and are important for Healers and Light Workers alike since they help to remove blockages and realign the primal energies bestowed on us at birth. 

I was stunned when I washed this Spirit and felt her energy coming alive! Lumiere is a French word for torch and as I worked with her, that is precisely what came to mind. There are many areas for finger placement as you work with her and no matter what way I held her, I wanted to hold her aloft – she channels energy like a huge crystalline fountain so that it splays out and falls, surrounding you with an energy fog. As I worked more, I could see her being used in Atlantis as an energy shield to protect the High Priestess as she worked. She brought abundance into the ceremonies and imbued the Golden Ray to the participants, activating that Light within each. She is for one with Atlantis memories wishing to bring them into this Life’s Expression for positive application.

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Light DT Golden Citrine Lumiere of Atlantis Quartz Wand

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