#20684 Palm-Sized Transformational Ancient Shaman Spirit Sardo DT Smoky Elestial Quartz
Palm-Sized Transformational Ancient Shaman Spirit Sardo DT Smoky Elestial Quartz
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This palm-sized 3.2 oz, DT smoky elestial quartz from Sardo, Brazil measuring 2.2” by 2” by 1.4” and has matte as well as lustrous area.! She has a very curious expression not typical of most elestials … sort of like a cross among a changeling, a normal and a dissolution quartz. Her smoky color is concentrated in her lustrous areas and when back-lit, her inner clarity is apparent. Her faces hold subtle glyphs and one of her glossy sides features a series of lines … with a loupe, you can see strings of tiny hematite spheroids! One face has a stargazer student as well a few tiny ones and a little key where a student once resided. She is wonderfully tactile and fits so well in the palm of the hand, well against the palm meridians. She is a bit of an empath as there are a few shallow dings … more like scrapes but she is otherwise in excellent, energetic condition.

Without a doubt, this is a Spirit of Change and Transmutation, and one of great power at that – and I strongly recommend that when you first work with her, use a large grounding stone. In fact, it was weeks before I could allow one in the bedroom – she is THAT much energy! Sit with her in both your hands (although she fits comfortably in one, two is better to balance the initial energies) and study her in her beauty and form and then relate it to us as a species. In the beginning, we were as her center – ultra clear. Through the eons and countless lifetimes, we have sometimes lost touch with that clarity and allowed our Self to become dimmed and clouded. As these sweet windows open, we can catch glimpses of that inner being and the clarity that was once our source Self. She allows that vision inside to once again, retrieve our own beautiful essence! By virtue of her inner clarity, I sense that she is meant for a Keeper who is Spiritually advanced and open. But, just when you think you have reached the top, you realize that another peak has shown itself. This Keeper has the desire and the will to become even more, but needs a guide that will open that door and assist with the passage. Work with this Spirit slowly at first, and then increase the effort once your energies mesh. She is capable of very rapid change, so you must “slow her down” to your pace. I guarantee that the ride will be incredible! I am in love with the incredible energies of these wonderful crystals!

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Palm-Sized Transformational Ancient Shaman Spirit Sardo DT Smoky Elestial Quartz

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