#20689 Slender Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Elestial Hematite Quartz Wand
Slender Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Elestial Hematite Quartz Wand
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These are from Madagascar and excellent representatives of the wondrous hematite-included crystals for which the area is known. This one is a nice wand, 2.5 oz and 3.5” by 1.1” by 0.7” with slanted base. There is a secondary growth that partly covers the original crystal and the sides have a number of glyphs suggestive of the Andromeda starbrary but not fully formed. Her termination is a channeler . two seven-sided faces separated by a three-sided. When you study the sides with backlight and a loupe, you’ll see tiny spheroids of hematite, like crystalline pointillism that yields the overall hematite color. The density of the spheroids further adds a series of characters that have to be read along with the messages on the sides. Her termination has mottled areas that look like ancient writing (backlight to see it well) and I am totally fascinated by her crystalline expression! She is in excellent condition and has much to share with her rightful Keeper.

Beyond her star connections, this Spirit has a most important role … that of unifying and balancing past knowledge with the current, deftly meshing yesterday, today and tomorrow. We are taught that time is linear although research into the physics of the Universe is now showing what many of us know instinctively … that time occurs simultaneously. If you consider a line … there is a beginning and an end and that represents linear time. If you consider a sphere, all points exist at once … there is no beginning or end and this represents the reality of time. This Spirit enables us to tap into the knowledge that is always available to us, but that remains unused because we assume that it is closed to us. She helps to open our vision and our mind to the possibilities and access information left by our Star ancestors, millennia of human evolution and all those who were, are and will be.

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Slender Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Elestial Hematite Quartz Wand

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