#20690 Slightly Curved Silver Thread Lemurian Laser Wand Quartz
Slightly Curved Silver Thread Lemurian Laser Wand Quartz
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This 0.8 oz, 4” by 0.75” by 0.5” Silver Thread Lemurian laser wand has a subtle curve to her . and is a most unusual twin … both twins are lasers but one extends further than the other. She has a series of keys around the base that give her a spiral effect and one student remains there, tight to her side. There are a few glyphs mingling with the Lemurian lines on her sides. She is gently castled and her ultra clarity is positively prismatic – almost like one of those cut glass rainbow catchers, but she’s entirely natural. She is a sweet as she is energetic – a lovely and fascinating emissary of the Crystalline World … and a wand that Harry Potter would be proud to use!

These arrived from the area to the north of Diamantina, Brazil and I’ve been working with a few of them, savoring the energies. The lot arrived in basically three configurations: lasers, cathedrals and tabbies, most ultra clear and lustrous with a few having slightly matte finish sides. The name “Silver Thread Lemurian” was given to me by one special piece and it’s very fitting. If you look closely, these crystals have amazing glyphs on their sides, blended with Lemurian lines. The glyphs are definitely starbrary and more of a Pleiadian nature. What I am given about each is that they were a gift of the Star Peoples to those of Lemuria and the silver thread represents that link between these peoples of such diverse origins.

The information as given to me said that the cathedrals are the information storage units (true to their lightbrary expression). The tabbies either pair with other crystals or other Silver Thread Lemurians to act as both activators and keys. The lasers are very special indeed and are used for group or ‘personal’ activation. Her curves mark response to change and it’s a critical aspect of how she may be used … adapting to every situation. To hold one of these is to truly and undeniably know what a laser is all about. Some of each of these various crystals were given to specific Lemurians and each had a role in the Lemurian society to be assisted by the Star Information. Like the Mozambique Lemurians, these are very personal crystals and each Keeper will recognize the one (or ones) they should have.

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Slightly Curved Silver Thread Lemurian Laser Wand Quartz

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