#20691 Striking She-Wolf Spirit Smoky Amethyst Totem Quartz
Striking She-Wolf Spirit Smoky Amethyst Totem Quartz
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This is an arrival from Brazil and a rather unusual amethyst with neat smoky accents, 7 oz and 3.7” by 2.1” by 1.4”. Her sides are graced with frosty areas and her back is a large, well-healed and glyphed key. Three of the faces are fully polished and one is partially polished as there was originally a talc-like mineral there that made the termination fragile, so the miners gently polished it off. Considered as a whole, she reminds me of a changeling quartz although you can see a bit of chevroning within her! When I first unwrapped these special quartz, I got images of animals in each, and each one different. I gasped at this one, replete with the power of the She-Wolf. Interestingly, I see bison and horse in here too … perhaps a connection to the three!

This is a very powerful totem for a Keeper wishing to channel the power of the Wolf. She is in excellent condition! Most people know Wolf as a supreme predator and fear Wolf. Wolves have a highly developed society, are loyal and true to their mates, are dedicated to their families and embody the Spirit of the Wild. And the She-Wolf is devoted to her pups, loving each and training them well. You cannot deny the love she feels for her offspring and her mate ... strength, compassion, loyalty ... she embodies it all. She is cunning and ever resourceful, not afraid to "speak" out. She celebrates the Wild and raises her voice in joy to the full moon! Do not fear this totem ... the She-Wolf will bring joy and freedom to all within you!

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Striking She-Wolf Spirit Smoky Amethyst Totem Quartz

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