#20694 Suffuse, Soft Green Colombian Dream Quartz Cluster
Suffuse, Soft Green Colombian Dream Quartz Cluster
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This soft and suffuse 4.1 oz mint green quartz cluster is 2.8” by 1.9” by 1.4” and a somewhat irregular base that she will self-stand on. Her numerous points are a soft, suffuse mint green with a few chlorite accents. There is more chlorite at the base as well as golden healer. And in spite of a rather rugged look, she is healed or terminated all over. She absolutely radiates a warm and loving energy … she is just astounding and perfect for personal meditation before bed. She is from Colombia and is from original stock.

Among ancient peoples, dreams were held sacred. They revealed messages from ancestors, predicted the future, offered sage counsel. Elders poured over each one, seeking meaning and wisdom. Today, we scarcely give them notice. Many people say they don’t even dream! They actually do, but because the dream state holds no meaning to them, they block the message and forget the incident. These quartz known for its ability to stimulate attunement to the dream state so that you dream more, dream more effectively, recall the dream and interpret them in the way you need to. Too many of us reach for a book with dream symbology in it, without realizing that these books are not universal code! A bear to you may mean something completely different to me! She assists with teaching you your own dream code so that messages are optimized you your Spiritual growth and advancement – she restores the sacredness to dreaming! In addition, her healed warrioress status means that she may also assist with healing on many levels through sleep!

To work with this Spirit, hold her in your hand as you sleep or tuck her under your pillow. As you drift off to sleep, allow her energies to mesh with yours. When you awaken, write down all the dreams you recall. As you do this night after night, recall will improve and you will begin to see patterns in the dreams. Look for overall messages. As an example, repeated dreams about houses, redoing them, furnishing them, buying new ones, etc. all relate to what is going on in your subconscious: you are assimilating new information on many levels. The house represents your mind. Examine the common factors: does it always relate to change? Does it always relate to looking for a new house? Does is always relate to a house falling down? Many people have been warned about health problems, major changes and life adjustments enabling them to act earlier and quicker than they may have otherwise. Do not lose this opportunity to open that aspect of your Spiritual awareness!

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Suffuse, Soft Green Colombian Dream Quartz Cluster

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