#20702 Altar-Sized Majestic Old Soul Smoky Elestial Quartz
Altar-Sized Majestic Old Soul Smoky Elestial Quartz
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This altar-sized and mystical smoky Brazilian elestial quartz weighing in at 1 lb 9.4 oz and measuring 6.25” by 2.85” by 2.2” with healed back contact area. She is a rich smoky with a hint of citrine and accents of albite and a bit of mica. Her back is frosty-looking, adding to her ancient demeanor! Several deep but small keys feature near the mica, likely mica keys. She is exceedingly well-glyphed on her faces and some sides and a few shy rainbows smile at you as you turn her in the light. She may look old, rugged and worn, but as soon as you hold her, you will feel the ancient wisdom within and know that she is a wonderful healing being, perfect for a healing altar!

Although the energies are feminine, this Spirit is very balanced. These crystals were used in Atlantis in immense grids. If you recall the Superman movies, Superman would go to his Fortress of Solitude and reconnect with his lost home planet. Brilliant crystals were placed in a massive machine and images would pour forth with messages from the past. This Spirit was similarly utilized, although with she was the center, the activator for the other crystals. She was the central generator that instilled energies into the others. You always need an Ancient One to teach and guide. She has been reprogrammed by those who survived the fall of Atlantis and never again can she be abused the way she was then. With the proper Keeper, she has a new mission in bringing Light to Earth at this time. Her instructions are clear to the One who knows what to do with them.

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Altar-Sized Majestic Old Soul Smoky Elestial Quartz

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