#20745 Splendid Australian Color Shifter Fire Opal Pair
Splendid Australian Color Shifter Fire Opal Pair
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This is a wonderful Lightning Ridge Australian opal pair that totals 3.22 grams and each being about 0.8” long … and rough-shaped … this is exactly what opals in the ‘raw’ look like. The photos are dry but you can see the gorgeous blue fire if you catch the light right or look at them wet! But wait … give them a bit of backlight and they turn gold! They are truly stunners with lots of fire … and they are a perfect size for laying on the body for crystal healing or Reiki.

Fire opals have a magical quality because of the colors. At first they appear uni-dimensional and as you move them in the light, they come alive and offer a vibrant display. The energy of the "fire" allows us to look deeply within to understand ourselves in an intensive and direct manner, particularly if you are at a crossroads and are wanting assistance or assurance in making choices.  The fire opal instills strength, determination and Self-assurance, so although the energy is intense, each actually acts as a stress-releaser rather than an intensifier. You will totally enjoy the directness of this pair!

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Splendid Australian Color Shifter Fire Opal Pair

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