#20811 Cluster of Heulandite with Included Green Celadonite
Cluster of Heulandite with Included Green Celadonite
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This is a 3 oz, 2.8" by 1.5" by 1.4" cluster of heulandite crystals included with gorgeous green celadonite. Celadonite all alone is an unattractive mineral, but when included with other specimens, it imparts the most beautiful and vibrant green color. In this case, it is so included in heulandite, that pretty much all you see is the green, darkened by the peachy color of the heulandite, and some golden healer accents at her contact areas. The gently curved crystals are stacked randomly in a most aesthetic manner. If you look at the crystals with a loupe, you'll see beautiful patterns on the crystal faces – a rare beauty from India.

Heulandite is wonderful for opening her Keeper to possibilities, allowing a shift from pessimistic attitudes, fear and uncertainty to focus, calm centering and self-assurance. The addition of the celadonite brings the vibrations of the angelic realm, making it possible for her Keeper to hear the angelic voices, clear and true. She integrates the passion of the physical Chakras with the healing of the emotional Chakras and the wondrous love of the Spiritual Chakras. Use her either at the heart or Third Eye Chakras to open the door to huge possibilities!

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Cluster of Heulandite with Included Green Celadonite

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