#20856 Cubic, Glossy Brownish-Reddish-Orange Zircon - Coming Home
Cubic, Glossy Brownish-Reddish-Orange Zircon - Coming Home
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This is a sort of cubic-sort of pyramidal 11.66 gram crystal of zircon from Brazil, 0.9” by 0.6” by 0.5” … and believe me, you will be surprised at how heavy she feels for her size! She is well etched, but super glossy and a nice reddish-toast color with some really nice glyphs. Now, she is a very natural zircon, made by Mother Nature and has amazing luster, although she is opaque. Her base has what may have been a key, now filled with little crystals! She is a perfect size for a medicine bag and is a natural for laying on the body for crystal healing or Reiki treatments.

When I ordered these from my supplier, he had said that the zircons were red. I was delighted to find that they were more toast-colored! For years, I have carried a brown one as no matter where I am, I am also home. She helps me to retain that “silver thread” when I have out of body travel … as well as the conventional kind. This Spirit is very similar in energy and she sets up the links that allow you to indulge your wanderlust and yet always know where you are truly home. If you are looking for a place to “settle”, she assists in the search and provides reinforcement when you finally have things narrowed down. With her, you will always know where you belong. Now, when working with patients, it is a common thing for each to express that they don’t feel they fit in or that they don’t feel at home. Often it is just recognizing that circumstance and permitting your Self to explore other options. She opens your mind and heart to where you really need to be. She would be awesome wire-wrapped as a constant reminder that you can always be at home!

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Cubic, Glossy Brownish-Reddish-Orange Zircon - Coming Home

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