#20858 Delicate DT Peachy-Pink Lemurian Quartz
Delicate DT Peachy-Pink Lemurian Quartz
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This is a beautiful DT Lemurian quartz, 1 oz, 2.95” by 0.7” by 0.55” and from Brazil. She is softly peachy-pink with nice Lemurian lines (some tactile) on her sides. Her upper termination hosts a thin past timeline and a face with a well-healed ding while her lower has a small student and the termination is a multi. She has a soft matte finish on three sides and a few silver foils that throw little rainbows. She is in excellent condition and ready for her forever Keeper!

Although delicate and soft, her energies are none-the-less compelling! Her peachy-pink tones perfectly mesh the love and emotion of the Heart with the creativity and passion of the Sacral (second) Chakra. She is pure, feminine energy in its most loving expression! As you hold her, you realize beyond a doubt, she is a Master Crystal, urging you to give your feminine side expression. It is a very yang world right now and very masculine in expression. Women, in particular, have difficulty finding a voice and often resort to masculine expression just to be heard. Men as well cover up their yin/feminine side, afraid that they will be perceived as weak and “soft”. And to the extent that both men and women deny that feminine expression, they lose balance and invite illness to set in. This Spirit assists with realigning the energies and restoring the balance. As you work with her, you will feel a distinct peace instill. She is awesome for personal meditation and for placing under the pillow for the dreamtime.

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Delicate DT Peachy-Pink Lemurian Quartz

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