#20861 Ethereal Athena Quartz with Abundant Black Tourmaline, Olenite
Ethereal Athena Quartz with Abundant Black Tourmaline, Olenite
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This is a petite, 0.6 oz, 2.35” by 0.5” by 0.6” Athena quartz from Brazil with a healed base. Included rods of black tourmaline are scattered top to bottom and if you check her carefully with a loupe, some of the tourmaline rods are olenite, a boron-rich and colorless tourmaline. Her termination is twinned and tourmaline is inside and out with the outside creating growth interference. She is in excellent condition and she is a perfect pocket or medicine pouch companion!

This is a stunning Athena quartz, named for the Greek goddess, Athena who was supposed to have carried an owl on her shoulders when she talked to people so that both the spoken and unspoken could be heard, thereby seeing both sides to the truth. There are few better stones than tourmaline for dispelling negativity and quartz is a frequent companion of tourmaline. Both quartz and tourmaline are piezoelectric which means that they conduct electricity when put under pressure. That pressure can come from the energies that you impart during a crystal healing or Reiki treatment or meditation and amplify the intent, dissolving fear, promoting self worth and banishing a fatalist attitude. Ancient lore has held that tourmaline is a kind of “truth serum”, thus its critical inclusion in Athena quartz. Its energies are so cleansing and refreshing that it is difficult to hide the truth, especially from your Self. This all makes it much easier to make difficult decisions and shift consciousness in a positive manner. The double terminated nature of this Spirit represents the dual nature of the Self – what you are at the core and what you project to others, often different things. This is an incredible Spirit for seeking and finding your own truth, and the balance in that truth, so crucial to your Spiritual journey.

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Ethereal Athena Quartz with Abundant Black Tourmaline, Olenite

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