#20874 Mottled Red Amphibole and Riebeckite Lightning Strike Quartz - Know Inner Truth
Mottled Red Amphibole and Riebeckite Lightning Strike Quartz - Know Inner Truth
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Red amphibole quartz is from Serra do Cabral Mountains in Brazil … and these special red amphiboles are mind-blowing! Unlike the lovely pastel or sunrise/sunset-toned amphiboles, these are definite shades of red, sometimes accented with greens, blues and gold. Amphibole minerals have no crystalline form and meander through the crystal like scarves in the wind. And you can easily see this quality in her, with a deep, fiery-red and gold accented by light steel-blue riebeckite. And her coloring is sometimes in streaks and other times, mottled. She has rather interesting glyphs on sides and faces … but the mind-blowing part is the well-defined and lightning strike path that diagonally traverses a side, and then advances on the adjoining face where the strike expands and exits the crystal. The side opposite that has a small strike zone up the side! Lightning has definitely marked her and lightning has added a rich energy source to her … she even has a few Leo starbrary glyphs! These were held aside by the miners just for my supplier to see during a trip to Brazil. She is a hefty Spirit at 7.5 oz and 3.8” by 1.7” by 1.45” and with only very little dings, many of which have healed.

My first lightning strike quartz actually happened to me. I had a particularly intense meditation and at the end, I went to set the crystal on the table as I got up. The room was dark and as I reached for the table, there was a flash of light and an audible pop and I felt a piece of the crystal hit my palm! This was some time ago and I'd never heard of lightning strike quartz, so I thought the crystal was ruined! There was a gash running nearly her whole length, all cross-hatched. She was extraordinarily hot too! I emailed a friend and she explained what had happened – and my quartz was far from ruined – she is one of the most intense crystals that it has been my privilege to know – and she is a perennial meditation favorite! Interestingly, this process is similar to what happens when the crystal is in the ground. Lightning strikes in the vicinity and the current created leaves these marks on the surfaces.

Red amphibole is a wonderful Spirit to help you come in contact with that inner truth that is in your Core Chakra. The Core Chakra is frequently ignored, under the assumption that all the other ones need work while this one is doing just fine. The Core is your connection to Self, family and community and as such is the vessel holding your Core beliefs … the ones that guide your life. But, like the garden, the Core beliefs need weeding in order to remain strong and beautiful so from time to time, you need to align these with your stage of Spiritual advancement. This Spirit is a loyal assistant in that quest as she helps you understand that throughout your life, there is a part of your Core that is “fixed” while another part changes to accommodate the Spiritual growth you experience. While that fixed portion is important, equally important is the flexibility to allow change and in that flexibility, permit the Spiritual growth to become part of your foundation. The lightning strike markings further drive this home … showing you that there is a definite path to follow to ensure the change. All that Spiritual growth is without merit if it does not become an integral part of your physical expression and complete you as a person – this is the one and premier Inner Truth! She is truly a Spirit that should be with you at all times!

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Mottled Red Amphibole and Riebeckite Lightning Strike Quartz – Know Inner Truth

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