#20888 Sumptuous DT Moonlight Journey Through the Dream Quartz
Sumptuous DT Moonlight Journey Through the Dream Quartz
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This is a 2.6 oz, 3.1” by 1.5” by 1.25” doubly terminated quartz with a beautifully patterned faces on most of her terminations. Her contrasts remind me of a magical walk under full moon on a frosty, winter’s night where the yin energies are their most profound. There are quite a number of students scattered around her and quite a few stargazer students … in fact, little students about cover her lower termination. She has areas of clarity with others very misted … a few inner foils help to scatter the light within her giving her a brilliant glow. She is from the Sweet Surrender mine in Arkansas and is wondrous in her energies and beauty. She is in excellent condition!

Native Americans sought quartz such as this … they called these “journeying quartz”. You use them in much the same way that you would a scrying mirror, focusing on a question and then allowing yourself to enter the crystal in search of the answer. She fits nicely in the palm of your hand with her students in contact with the thumb or finger. She enables a thorough look and helps you find those answers within yourself that need both voice and reinforcement. Now, the one difference in her versus the “normal” journeying quartz is that she is very much a “yin-time” Spirit … she is to be used with ceremonies of the Moon and particularly in the fall and winter months. Her focus is on the answers within you as opposed to those you will find elsewhere. You’ll find her a good companion and confidant … always!

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Sumptuous DT Moonlight Journey Through the Dream Quartz

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