#20895 Unassuming Polished Chiastolite “Coin”
Unassuming Polished Chiastolite “Coin”
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This is a gorgeous 1.1 oz, 1.65” by 1.25” by 0.4" polished “coin” of chiastolite – actually an octahedral crystal that has been cut crosswise and polished to reveal the beauty of the crystal within with the dark and bark-like “rind” being left natural. Chiastolite is peach colored andelusite with cross-shaped carbon inclusions, hence its other name, ‘cross stone’. She has a dark center where the andelusite and carbon intersect, giving her a flower-like appearance. This coin in cross-section shows a really nice effect!

This is a wonderful stone and I simply love the energies! They are extremely protective and soothing – as if everything could be going wrong in your world and she somehow sets things straight. She permits another look at things so that you not only see, but appreciate the perspective. Used with a group of people, you will notice she institutes an aura of friendship, collaboration and happiness. In spite of her dark color, she has the feel of a heart stone, but with a significant difference: the cross centers her between the physical and Spiritual Chakras, between the right and the left, between heaven and earth, between past and future. She symbolizes the balance that we all must strike in our lives as we strive for Spiritual enlightenment and advancement. You will be in awe of her beauty and lovely balancing effect!

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Unassuming Polished Chiastolite “Coin”

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