#20898 Unusual DT Quartz Cluster with Silver Rutile, and Epidote
Unusual DT Quartz Cluster with Silver Rutile, and Epidote
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This is a gorgeous 4.1 oz, 2.7” by 2” by 1.8” slightly smoky DT quartz cluster from Bahia, Brazil. He is beautifully castled and very clear with a slanted and healed base. He is one large point with a variety of smaller ones ranging from druse to half his size … and if you hold him to the light, you can see that he has a “hole” right through his center. There is a it of chlorite and areas that have a touch of chlorite erosion … and some terminations have keys right at the terminal apex. But inside, you will see quite a bit of epidote (and some on the outside as well) plus an assortment of fine, silver rutile needles! There is a bit of golden healer staining and truly, he is a meditation to explore with a loupe! There is a bit of edge damage, but otherwise, he is in excellent condition.

This Spirit has an amazing “hand feel” and his energy truly belies his size! When I first say this Spirit, I thought the green inclusions were tourmaline, but in fact, they are epidote that links you to the important dream state where your Higher Self connects to you in a very specific and unhindered manner. This is one awesome and powerful Spirit! You will be amazed – totally amazed – at how hot he feels. In my mind, he could only reach body temperature, held in the hand where you can hold your fingers or thumb over a side. But, he actually feels warmer as if he added his own energies to the mix. To work with him the first time, anoint him with rainwater and allow that splendid crystalline musk to rise. He likes incense burning, so that would be good as well – choose a good one! Then add music, like Novus Magnificat (my favorite by Constance Denby). Allow the entire sensory bundle to envelop you and your mind will easily go on a journey. He teaches you how to transmute and dispel negative energies and how to establish mental and emotional balance without losing creativity and emotion. He creates a cocoon of protection around you that is amazing! And because of his size, you can carry that cocoon with you! This is truly an amazing Spirit that will infuse you with joy, love and protection.

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Unusual DT Quartz Cluster with Silver Rutile, and Epidote

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