#20900 Well-Terminated Black Tourmaline (aka Schorl) - Madagascar
Well-Terminated Black Tourmaline (aka Schorl) - Madagascar
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This is a 1.6 oz, 1.65” by 1.2” by 0.75” crystal of well-terminated black tourmaline from Madagascar. He is beautifully formed with a nice termination inset with multi-tiny terminations and deeply striated sides with scattered little students. All of the pictures are taken with indirect light – black crystals are the worse to photograph. He is a really energetic and powerful hand piece and is perfectly suited for a Reiki or crystal healing practice or personal meditation.

There are few better stones than tourmaline for dispelling negativity. Both quartz and tourmaline are piezoelectric which means that they conduct electricity when put under pressure. That pressure can come from the energies that you impart during treatment or meditation and amplify the intent, dissolving fear, promoting self worth and banishing a fatalist attitude. You can preprogram or use with the energy flow during treatment or meditation. And try him for warding off migraines! WOWSER! No healing practice should be without tourmaline!

Ancient lore has held that tourmaline is a kind of ‘“truth serum’. His energies are so cleansing and refreshing that it is difficult to hide the truth, especially from yourself. That makes it much easier to make difficult decisions and shift consciousness in a positive manner.

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Well-Terminated Black Tourmaline (aka Schorl) - Madagascar

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