#20903 Astounding Multi-Layer Gray Phantom Quartz
Astounding Multi-Layer Gray Phantom Quartz
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This incredible crystal is from Pakistan and I’m totally blown away by him! He’s 6 oz and 4” by 1.6” by 1.4” and he’s a pair of crossed crystals sitting on a healed base. The crystals are clear but the gray phantom of mixed white chlorite and goethite sits to the back of each crystal . and the phantom is in layers, some subtle and others profound. To the back of the largest crystal, the chlorite erosion is obvious it is in the base. There is a large key at the base of that bridges the two crystals and the chlorite-goethite mix is deposited in the crevice between them. There are subtle Lemurian lines and a few glyphs mixed in … and the crystal seem remarkably smooth to the touch.There are a few little dings, but he’s beyond awesome!

The energies of this crystal were surprising to me … they seem accelerated and augmented, layer by layer. This is a crystal used for the exploration of Self – where you peel back the layers of all the lifetimes you’ve ever had and can finally locate root causes for all that is happening to you in this life’s expression. Understand that we are the sum of all our lifetimes, past, present and future and like a point on a sphere, all exist at the same time. Corrections made in a “past” lifetime can have dramatic effect on our life in this one. He is to be used with care, but is meant for a Keeper with serious issues in this present and feels she/he must resolve them before enlightenment can occur.

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Astounding Multi-Layer Gray Phantom Quartz

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