#20909 Ethereal Actinolite (Byssolite) Quartz with Manifestors and Amazing Presence
Ethereal Actinolite (Byssolite) Quartz with Manifestors and Amazing Presence
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This gorgeous 6.3 oz, Brazilian quartz point with amazing presence is 4.65” by 1.9” by 1.1” and is clear with lovely greenish-blue fans spaced well within her. Her terminal area features clear actinolite, with manifestors enmeshed, and with a loupe, you will see fine-fine hairs throughout. Actinolite (aka Byssolite) is an amphibole mineral and may express as colorless, green, green-blue, pale yellow, brown or gray. Its name is from the Greek meaning “ray” and may appear as fine hairs, quasi-rods or fans. She has very tactile Lemurian lines and there are many small keys, some layered, where she once held a plethora of small students. Her slanted base is healed and when backlit, she simply glows with the light! She is exceptional in her clarity and energetic presence and will be a special gift to her keeper!

Of all of the protector Spirits, this one is absolutely premier! Actinolite is incredible in its ability to clear and cleanse the negativity, bad energies and unwanted “baggage” that we carry around. Premier. She literally is capable of establishing a huge bubble around her Keeper that can be expanded or contracted as needed. I like to include the family, the house and critters so that we are held together as one, protected and cared for. In the hands of a Healer, she is used with precision, acuity and movement. You will want to use rose quartz, azurite and smoky quartz to add their energies to hers in dealing with what will pull off the patient. If there was one crystal with which you would begin your healing practice, this would be it! And if there was one that you would use in that practice on a daily basis, this is her as well! In personal meditation, she is wonderful for surrounding you with protection and yet allowing you to see all aspects of Self that are limiting you in your own growth and development – what an absolutely awesome Spirit! And yet with all of this, she holds an apparent earthiness contrasted that contrast with the ethereal energies that she exudes … she is a highly protective Spirit and will be a powerful assistant to her Keeper, particularly one seeking the truth and Light of this life's expression.

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Ethereal Actinolite (Byssolite) Quartz with Manifestors and Amazing Presence

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