#20856 Astonishing Shades of Violet-Pink Botryoidal Smithsonite
Astonishing Shades of Violet-Pink Botryoidal Smithsonite
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This Spirit is a gorgeous cluster of radiating, botryoidal crystals, sitting atop a bit of Mother Earth matrix. The pastel shades of violet pink are layers of gorgeous smithsonite with a creamy crust allowing the glistening “bubbles” to emerge! The bubbles meander over her surfaces in a display that demands a loupe to explore her beauty and intricacy. The piece weighs 1.2 oz and measures 2.4” by 1.3” by 0.7” and is a rare beauty from Mexico … just wait until you get to play with her!

When doing crystal healing work, smithsonite is used to balance and activate sluggish chakras. When I did crystal healing, occasionally, I would place a smithsonite over the Third Eye of the patient and many reported an increase in psychic ability while others said that were aware of a distinct angelic presence. Now, I don’t think of pink or violet stones as ones I’d use for psychic stimulation, but she almost has a chameleon effect as she shifts from one frequency to another. It’s that shift that allows you to perceive things in a different manner and thus, open the Third Eye. The connection to the pink of the Heart mitigates the effects so that the psychic opening is done with compassion and sensitivity. She is a very sweet and beautiful Spirit who would welcome an opportunity to work with an active Healer.

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Astonishing Shades of Violet-Pink Botryoidal Smithsonite

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