#20957 Astounding Triple Golden Inner Mongolian Beta Scepter Quartz with Albite
Astounding Triple Golden Inner Mongolian Beta Scepter Quartz with Albite
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This is a fabulous, yet humble-looking, one-of-a-kind, 9.3 oz, 4.6” by 3.3” by 1.4” quartz from Inner Mongolia and is absolutely extraordinary in every regard. She is opalescent and when backlit, she has a golden glow that spreads joyous energies! She is a bit yin and yang with her golden quartz front and her hedenbergite-army green back. The front features three main crystals, covered with beta quartz and terminated with beta quartz scepters. Albite gleams at her feet. You will note that the beta terminations are from a secondary growth with the original crystal poking up at the top like a minaret. The back features the original crystals with an occasional tiny beta quartz and albite crystals adorning her somewhat cathedrals sides. There is another beta scepter there as well, crosswise towards the base. Oh, and by the way, she sings and she is a study in contrast, energies and texture! She is in excellent condition and she holds a vibrant energy that you will just love!

Beta quartz is more highly ordered and has more symmetry than regular (alpha) quartz and over all it is less dense. As a result, the vibrations are somewhat different – more pure and more intense. Now, a scepter is actually formed by a quartz overlay on a solid crystal, so it is the ultimate manifestor, phantom and power crystal. You’ll find that she has a marvelous way of putting things right, helping her Keeper to see the true, root cause of events. When you understand how things happen, it is far easier to deal with the outcomes. And in spite of her power, this Spirit is still all about love … you can feel a fireworks of gentle, loving energies emanating from her core. They spill over and spread all the love-related emotions like compassion, empathy, kindness and understanding … so much so that you cannot hold her without smiling and knowing that love is at your source! This is a very, very special and rare Spirit and one that will literally shift the focus of your life onto a path of love and Spiritual development. And as I am finding from each of these amazing crystals, each is meant for a special Keeper and has messages only for that One.

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Astounding Triple Golden Inner Mongolian Beta Scepter Quartz with Albite

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