#20963 Colorful Cinnamon and Sugar Fairy Quartz
Colorful Cinnamon and Sugar Fairy Quartz
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This is a colorful 2.6 oz, 2.8” by 1.1” by 0.9” fairy quartz (a type of spirit quartz from South Africa) wand with marvelous and rich cinnamon and crème (accented with a streak of red across her terminal faces) coloring that makes her look like some tasty confection rather than a mineral. Her druse is finer than most spirit quartz and is known as fairy quartz. Little ‘snowballs’ of druse that are too yummy for words adorn her sides! Use a loupe so that you can enjoy the intricacy of her! Her base is slanted and healed and her terminal faces look like fish scales, layered and shimmery. She is just stunning and guaranteed to be just as sweet as she looks! There is a little ding where the “sugar” coating was chipped off at the back of the termination, but otherwise, she is excellent.

The glitter to this Spirit is beyond belief! I know that you will be entranced by the way light plays on her, particularly as you sit in the sun. Her beauty is as wonderful as her energy – soft, diffuse and glowing. She sets up such a sense of happiness and well-being that you can’t help but smile. She is wonderful to keep with you, particularly when the going is stressful. By saturating the area with joy, she can dispel negativity and bad attitudes, leaving behind an area as fresh as spring and warm as sunshine! Her beauty and energy will absolutely delight you!

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Colorful Cinnamon and Sugar Fairy Quartz

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