#10976 Humble Twinned Golden Smoky Mozambique Lemurian Quartz - Soul Shepherd
Humble Twinned Golden Smoky Mozambique Lemurian Quartz - Soul Shepherd
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This wonderful Spirit from Mozambique weighs a nice 5.2 oz and measures 4.1” by 1.5” by 1”. She is generally golden and has a slanted base, but she is quite humble looking with her overcoat of golden healer. A golden-healer stained druse adds to the effect. Her termination is twinned and many Moz have a secondary growth at the termination and hers covers the termination of the small twin and half of the termination of the larger. One of the exposed faces shows some trigonic record keepers! She does have a ding at the base … dings seem to matter not to the Moz – I have seen them with the back totally sheared off and yet they fill with light and energy! Her energy is exquisite and she is anxious to be with her rightful Keeper.

My friend, Debbie, introduced me to Mozambique Lemurians and it’s been a love-affair ever since! When I got my first one, she was also coated with a white layer, but once she was activated, she cleared rapidly and shows no trace of it now. In working with this Spirit, I was careful not to go too deeply with her so that her new Keeper can have the pleasure of activation and witnessing the transformation. I had to be VERY careful because this Spirit is absolutely READY to activate and you can already see some clearing with her. Unlike the Pink and Russian Lemurians, the Mozambiques would not win beauty contests. They have a much more ancient feel and a much more rugged look. Typically, they are dinged and scarred, but their energies are so huge that it doesn’t matter. They carry the highest vibrations of the quartz family and even more than phenacite and petalite. Bottom line, to work with a Mozambique Lemurian is to surrender your life to Spiritual evolution and your Higher Self. They are capable of catalyzing great change, hence the nickname ‘Soul Shepherd’.

This Moz is meant for a Healer or a Keeper dealing with a healing crisis. She clearly shows that all manner of healing is possible, provided you are open to the healing and the change that will ensue. She is also not for one who will leave her on the shelf – she wants an active life and relationship with her Keeper to form a very special and deep bond. She is mean for a very special Keeper who will savor the ancient wisdom she will share.

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Humble Twinned Golden Smoky Mozambique Lemurian Quartz - Soul Shepherd

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