#20978 Keyed Star Quartz Lightbrary - Constellation of Hollandite Stars
Keyed Star Quartz Lightbrary - Constellation of Hollandite Stars
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This is a beautiful 1.6 oz, 2.65” by 1.25” by 1” crystal of star quartz with constellation of hollandite stars in the termination. He has a deep diagonal key across two sides that welcomes a thumb or finger as you work with him. There was another smaller key on the adjacent side with a small ding from where the key separated. Intact sides have the usual lightbrary of students, accented with golden healer. Unfortunately, the slight matte finish to his surfaces really dispersed the light, but the camera didn’t see as many stars as there are inside … they are easy to see in person. And, she has a pinkish area too! Get out a loupe and explore the stars! And, he is in excellent condition.

This guy is extra special with the inclusion of hollandite stars – actually crystalline hollandite, making him also a manifestation quartz. His energies are such a delight!! But make no mistake, he is a working Spirit! He wants to work with individuals or in a crystal healing or Reiki practice where he can assist people in dealing with their spiritual nature. There is a call now for Light Workers and many are getting the stirrings but have difficulty with that role. They struggle to make sense of what they feel, many rejecting it because it’s not “scientific”. And with that rejection, they invalidate a very important facet of who they are. Because of both the hematite and the stars, this Spirit embodies the concept of a higher spiritual nature, but anchored to this time and place. He helps for a true expression of Spirit within the safety and comfort of grounding and belonging.

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Keyed Star Quartz Lightbrary - Constellation of Hollandite Stars

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