#20981 Luminous Peachy-Tangerine Lemurian Seed Virgo Starbrary Quartz - Empath
Luminous Peachy-Tangerine Lemurian Seed Virgo Starbrary Quartz - Empath
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This is a luminous twinned quartz with tactile and undulating Lemurian lines. She is actually a crystal crown, broken off a larger crystal with four polished faces and a remaining ding on one side … she is an empath, allowing an understanding of illness and healing. She is 6.5 oz and measures 4” by 1.95” by 1.5” and comes from Brazil. Strong Virgo starbrary glyphs play among the Lemurian lines as well as some really strange others. Her color is a soft, peachy-tangerine from hematite and lovely, she is! She awaits a Keeper who is likely a healer and who will give her a chance.

Virgo starbrary glyphs are those "read between the lines". The Lemurian lines on these starbraries are often undulating and tactile and in between those lines are intricate and minute starbrary glyphs best studied with a loupe. The Virgo peoples were gentle and kind ... I call them the peace-makers because they spread these traits wherever they roamed. They had a gift of identifying discord and then resolving the differences. Their messages are very loving and encouraging to the developing peoples of Earth.

When you see this Spirit, you will easily see why these were used in Lemuria! Their energy and form is so beautiful, pure and wondrous that they were sought for various ceremonial uses. As such, she carries the memories the ancient times before Lemuria sank beneath the waves and includes the records of the Star Peoples who worked and lived alongside the Lemurians. Her gentle beauty gives you a glimpse of the peace and tranquility of those times and if you are her Keeper, then it becomes your responsibility to work with her and awaken the knowledge and wisdom of Lemuria.

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Luminous Peachy-Tangerine Lemurian Seed Virgo Starbrary Quartz - Empath

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