#20984 Matched Pair of Iridescent Ammonite Halves with Amazing Expression
Matched Pair of Iridescent Ammonite Halves with Amazing Expression
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This is a matched pair of 8.2 oz, polished-on-the-inside ammonite halves, 3.6” by 3” by 1” (at the wide end with the halves placed together). The outside has been polished to better show the intricate qualities of the fossil shell and a bit of fiery red iridescence as well! Inside, the ammonite chambers are hollow, yet if you check them with a 10X loupe, you’ll see an array of well-formed sparkling ochre-colored crystals of golden calcite ... and amazing areas that look like jasper with astonishing detail under the loupe! I am astounded by the spiral nature as well … and the beauty of this ancient gem from the sea. They are from Madagascar and the thin centers have been stabilized.

Spirals are inherent in all of nature and even our own DNA. We see them in rock art, in the opening of a rose, the shape of a chambered nautilus or ancient ammonite … it is thought that all sacred geometry is derived from the Golden Ratio of the spiral and therefore, it is considered to be at the seat of all life, the Transcendental Mystery, the universal pattern of growth and evolution. Spirits such as this one reinforce the spiral energies and are important for Healers and Light Workers alike since they help to remove blockages and realign the primal energies we are all born with. These are just incredible Spirits – I sat with one last night and was amazed. As I allowed the energies to mesh with mine, I became aware of vast ocean beds and strange creatures teaming in the depths. I saw the seas recede and the vast alluvial plains form with huge mountains in the distance. There were creatures appearing on the land – time moved like a conveyor belt and there were meteor showers, incredible ice, wondrous auroras. Star peoples visited, and humans emerged and evolved – all was there and all caught in an amazing and heady mesh of time. How I enjoyed this journey and when I asked for this Spirit’s message, she said it was to understand the true nature of change. What a gift!

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Matched Pair of Iridescent Ammonite Halves with Amazing Expression

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