#30987 Palm-Sized and Sweet Etched Elestial Ametrine
Palm-Sized and Sweet Etched Elestial Ametrine
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This is a gorgeous and elestial smoky ametrine that is etched all over. She is a series of elestial crystals, all tipped with gorgeous violet amethyst. When I first started photographing her, I thought she was a smoky amethyst, but when backlit, she boasted a bright citrine core! Her etchings give her a frosted and a bit humble look, but wow, the energy emanating from her! She is one where every time you study her, you will notice something new … she is absolutely addicting! She is from Aracuai, Brazil, weighs 8.2 oz and measures 2.65” by 1.45” by 1.75” and is a perfect palm size. In actuality, she is a DT, but with a healed and small contact area. Otherwise, she is exceptional!

This Spirit is a Muse. She has a blend of energies ranging from the golden and violet of her body to her protective smoky aspects. She calls forward energies from different frequencies so that whatever you need from a physical, emotional or Spiritual perspective, is made available – she is all about full Chakra activation! She has a gentle and soft energy, perfect for recognizing your own resources from deep within your self. Too often, we dismiss those little voices inside and as a result, shut down an important aspect of us! This Muse Spirit seeks it out and allows us to accept the expression. She is a perfect size for personal meditation or tucking under the pillow at night where she can continually project her marvelous energies! Again, she is an addiction … and proof that some addictions aren’t bad!

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Palm-Sized and Sweet Etched Elestial Ametrine

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