#20994 Softly Glowing Silver and Blue Topaz Crystal
Softly Glowing Silver and Blue Topaz Crystal
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This is an astounding and rare, crystalline blue topaz crystal from Medina, Brazil weighing 0.9 oz measuring 1.3” by 0.95” by 0.8”. Most of the blue topaz available is heat treated by man to bring out the blue color; she is perfectly natural with a gorgeous blue base and silver silver termination. The termination is bifurcated and with a loupe, you can see down into a topaz crystal cave! There are speckles of black tourmaline as well! The terminal faces are glyphed with topaz record keepers and her base is fully healed with a bit of golden healer accenting and there are shallow keys surrounding the base. She is a rare topaz with plenty of energy to share with her Keeper!

Silver topaz is often referred to as the Stone of Potential. She promotes success and manifestation when directed toward the highest good of all, as well as her Keeper. In the process, she stimulates creativity and individuality, replacing negativity with love and joy. The overall energy is smooth and cool like a waterfall spilling over you on a hot summer’s day. After a few minutes in her ‘waters’, you are filled with an exhilaration and vibrancy that fills your Self … and a wondrous way in which to move through each life’s expression.

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Softly Glowing Silver and Blue Topaz Crystal

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