#20996 Steel-Blue Tara Lemurian Quartz Cluster with Manifestors
Steel-Blue Tara Lemurian Quartz Cluster with Manifestors
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This Spirit is part of my third shipment of these and each of the shipments has been different, depending on the layer they came from. These are a new find in Brazil and the blue color within the quartz comes from riebeckite inclusions. Most of the Blue Tara Lemurians are frosted and so filled with riebeckite that they are largely dark and opaque. She is brilliant and clear and her riebeckite is a lovely, steel-blue that has a silvery cast. She is a cluster that in spite of looks, is terminated all over. She is dominated by one large crystal with an accompanying one that was broken off within the Earth eons ago and the broken area has healed into magnificent elestial expression. It was hard to show but her base crystals, likewise broken, have healed into multi-terminations. A cluster of small crystals gathered at her base. With a loupe, check what I thought were two silver shields … they too have healed into manifests! The main crystal has a student tight to the side and her riebeckite has eroded a tiny area that has created a crystal cave. There are splendid Lemurian lines and her faces are subtly glyphed. She weighs 6 oz and  measures 4.5” by 2.4” by 1.6” … a perfect size for personal meditation or healing work. She is in excellent condition!

In the last days, three Elders of Lemuria where to imbue Lemurian records within crystals all over the world. They did not need to be physically present, but only had to direct their energies to a location and each location got a different ‘file’. (Please email if you would like the channeling). Not all the Blue Tara are so marked, but the ones that are hold the messages for the New Lemurians … those Keepers with Lemurian roots who are to be conduits for Lemurian information rising now. These Keepers will be immediately attracted and will delight in the response of the crystal as they mutually activate to the messages. Like the Mozambique Lemurians, these are personal crystals and I did not go deeper with this Spirit for she is not mine. She truly belongs to her rightful Keeper.

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Steel-Blue Tara Lemurian Quartz Cluster with Manifestors

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