#21005 Brandberg Fire Amethyst with Phantom, Enhydro, Manifestors
Brandberg Fire Amethyst with Phantom, Enhydro, Manifestors
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This amazing Brandberg amethyst is 0.7 oz 2.15” by 0.75” by 0.6” and holds an amethyst phantom with a thin phantom over it of brilliant red flecks of lepidocrosite. Below the amethyst, is a swath of smoke and the remainder of the crystal is water clear. With a loupe, you will see many tiny manifestors as well as a teeny, hard-to-see mobile enhydro. Although brilliantly clear, his tactile and abundant Lemurian lines make him look less clear than he is in photos. He also has tiny student to one side as well as an inset of “asparagus” apatite (and a few sprigs of it as well) on that same side. Asparagus apatite is an old name for a yellowish green apatite but very fitting. There is a dominant seven-sided face and a well slanted and healed base. He is a fascination and a charmingly handsome Spirit!

The clarity of the Brandberg is stunning, particularly since it is amongst the oldest quartz in the world. You would expect old and craggy not immaculate and crystal-clear! The clarity comes from the water inside, similar to the Herkimer diamond. Water crystals have such a special quality to them: water is the ultimate in flexibility. It has no shape except for the container it is in, yet it can move mountains with its force and nourish tender seedlings with its gentle rain. When water is in the ultimate container, the crystal, it is very special indeed. And I love the contrast of the water (yin) with the fire (yang) of the lepidocrosite – a balance of energies! And the phantoms, also utterly clear, represent the beauty inside, waiting expression within the protection of the smoky aspects. His manifestors show possibilities among the many of all things possible for his Keeper. This Spirit offers gentle lessons to the acolyte and is willing to teach the lessons of the Spirit.

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Brandberg Fire Amethyst with Phantom, Enhydro, Manifestors

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