#21006 Brilliant DT Faden Tabby Quartz - Astral Travel
Brilliant DT Faden Tabby Quartz - Astral Travel
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This brilliant, DT tabby quartz is 1.85” by 1.2” by 0.55”, weighs 1 oz and is from Pakistan. He actually is a little cathedral cluster with a faden line slightly diagonal through his midsection. It gives him a most unusual look and makes his energy flow a bit differently. One termination has a neat stargazer crystal and he has a wonderful hand-feel. He is in excellent condition!

This crystalline Spirit radiates pure, unmitigated love. As soon as I held him, I knew that he was used for astral projection. Ok, true confessions here – I struggle with astral projection because you must “let go” – it’s not comfortable to let go. As a result, astral projection has happened only a few times for me. But this little guy with his thread offers the perfect solution – that thread is the “life line” so that you can let go, but still maintain the control – the hold to the earth! He would be wonderful for a Keeper who is experimenting with this wondrous phenomenon and wants to explore a new aspect of Self for Spiritual Empowerment. In addition, he helps you to “bridge” the two worlds easily so that not only do you retain what you saw and where you went, but you see the relevance to the Now. He is a great size for personal meditation and not so large to prohibit using him for crystal healing (although you may have to place him either over the crown on the table or under the table). He’s a dedicated and hard worker and an absolute delight!

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Brilliant DT Faden Tabby Quartz - Astral Travel

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