#21011 Divine and Petite DT Citrine Quartz, Record Keepers, Trigonic
Divine and Petite DT Citrine Quartz, Record Keepers, Trigonic
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This petite and totally divine 1.3 oz, 1.7” by 1.25” by 0.95” DT light citrine quartz comes from one of my most favorite areas – Aracuai, Brazil. And unlike the heavily overlaid and elestial quartz, this one is simple, straightforward and largely misted with clarity in her dominant termination. Her faces are literally covered with loads of record keepers, splendid and mingled with glyphs … and even include a few trigonic record keepers! A loupe will help you see them all! Her lower termination is a multi with an inset of goethite and accents of golden healer … and even those tiny faces host record keepers backlit with a few rainbows. She is one awesome and energetic Spirit who will fit well in a pocket or medicine pouch so she can be with you always!

This is one of the quartz from a shipment last year and I’m still over the moon with the energies! These are a rather outspoken crystal and all seem to be anxious to get out there and get to work. She has said that this Keeper has known her from “before” and has worked with her and it will be an immediate recognition. She has a wonderful core being expressed in trigonic record keepers. These are change masters, representing the cycles of change. All life has these cycles in wondrous spiraling circles … child, adult, elder; life, death, rebirth; body, mind and Spirit. During these cycles, citrine brings abundance and protection and is so joyful that negative energies cannot take residence. Many of us resist change and to resist is futile – change is the only constant. Make no mistake … the past is to be honored, but so too, is the future. She reminds her Keeper that all enlightenment arises from change and wants to be there to assist … as she always has and always will …

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Divine and Petite DT Citrine Quartz, Record Keepers, Trigonic

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