#21023 Glassine Green Quartz Cluster with Hedenbergite, Ilvaite
Glassine Green Quartz Cluster with Hedenbergite, Ilvaite
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This is an absolutely astounding 0.4 oz cluster of quartz from Dal’negorsk, Russia measuring 1.3” by 1.2” by 0.9” and oh, what a beauty! She is a lovely glassine green quartz, decorated at her flat base with a bit of hedenbergite in the crystal crevices and ilvaite on the side. Her general green color is from included and finely-divided hedenbergite giving her that wonderful, opalescent color. Her sides have Andromeda-like starbrary markings but she isn’t truly a starbrary. Her terminations are gorgeous and you will need a loupe to totally savor her splendor! She is a real treat and a true beauty with some very teeny dings.

Without a doubt, this is a Spirit for psychic development. She integrates a wondrous blend of mineral Spirits so that she really fine-tunes precisely the energy that is needed for this work. Her hedenbergite brings in the energies and emotions of the heart, opening you to compassion and empathy. Her quartz has wonderful and angelic energies that merge the heart with the Higher Self and the elestial calcite speaks to gentle change. She is a serious crystal, possessing a very high vibration that is appropriate for the more adept Light Worker or Healer. Use her wisely and take care not to abuse her in any way and she will reward you with an amazing experience!

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Glassine Green Quartz Cluster with Hedenbergite, Ilvaite

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