#21032 Mysterious Shaman's Dream Ultra-Clear Pale Smoky Quartz
Mysterious Shaman's Dream Ultra-Clear Pale Smoky Quartz
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This is an ultra-clear pale smoky quartz from Gouveia, Brazil, 7 oz and 2.7” by 2.35” by 1.55”. Inside is a gorgeous landscape of toast, gold, charcoal and pink lodelite! The back and one side are entirely keyed with remaining sides showing weird starbrary glyphs. The base is healed and she will self-stand proudly on it. There are subtle glyphs on her faces and a few little students frame a crystal cave area on one terminal face! She holds a clear and vibrant energy – a true shaman’s talisman for your special dream times! There are a few teeny-tiny dings but otherwise, she is most excellent!

This is a very personal crystal, the kind a Shaman would find and treasure and not share with another so that it was imprinted with his energies alone. When it was time to take an acolyte, only then would another touch it. This Spirit was treated with respect and only worked with when properly prepared. The Shaman would ritually wash and dry her, then smudge her with desert sage. He would then prepare himself with a bath, a fast and careful thoughts. When alone and in a sacred place, together, they would explore visions that would be later shared with the rest of the tribe. This is such a Spirit, ready for one who is prepared to make the journey with her, in search of the worlds beyond … she is one to be honored and used by a Light Worker with a huge mission this lifetime.

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Mysterious Shaman's Dream Ultra-Clear Pale Smoky Quartz

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