#21034 Outstanding Citrine Cathedral Lightbrary with Mica
Outstanding Citrine Cathedral Lightbrary with Mica
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This is a gorgeous 2.4 oz golden citrine lightbrary from Aracuai, Brazil. She is 2.8" by 1.4" by 1.1" with partial student at her slanted and fully-healed base and two other small ones on the opposite side. With a loupe, you will see a record keeper on one of her large faces. Her sides are lightly castled and one side includes several small books of pearly mica. Her sides have Lemurian lines and she is very clear so that you can easily see her radiant glow, her lovely rainbows and her utter clarity … she is in excellent condition and will be your new best friend!

I have read somewhere that cathedral lightbraries only appear every 2000 years and are badly needed right now! What a brilliant and energetic Spirit this is! Lightbraries hold Earth knowledge from all the ages, hence the name lightbrary. So it makes sense that they arise when they are most needed. You will find this Spirit full of light and love that sparkles in her wisdom. To work with this Spirit, gather other items of the Earth: feathers, shells, flowers, herbs, small stones. Arrange them in a circle and orient them so that the four directions are honored; it is particularly nice to sprinkle corn meal (organic please) as well. Anoint this Spirit with rainwater and allow her crystalline musk to rise. Play drumming music, or drum yourself, to heighten the vibrations of the meditation. Drumming is a wonderful way to connect with the Earth and allow the Kundalini energies to rise. She is a mystical crystal, holding the secrets within her. As you meditate, she will release them, one after another. Her wondrous golden mica facilitates introspection as you work. Shamans, Priestesses and Light Workers have always cherished, honored and savored visions so received. These are now yours for your own Spiritual advancement as well as others who look to you for Light.

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Outstanding Citrine Cathedral Lightbrary with Mica

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