#21036 Pastel, Opalescent Heaven and Earth Amethyst Destiny Quartz
Pastel, Opalescent Heaven and Earth Amethyst Destiny Quartz
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This is a lovely, pastel, opalescent amethyst is from Madagascar and is 1 oz, 1.8” by 1.2” by 0.75” with a soft, glowing color that seems to shift before your eyes, especially at the termination where the russet hematite blush is more fiery. When backlit she just glows and like the icicle quartz. These wondrous crystals have been carefully separated from clusters, giving her a nice spiral energy as well. All her faces hold amazing, layered, delta-like glyphs that you must examine with a loupe to see the intricate, intricate detail of her! And the glyphs are very textural! She is a perfect traveling size for her special Keeper.

Ancient, sacred, wise – they all apply. You cannot handle her without being overwhelmed by the depth of this Spirit! The early Star Peoples visiting this planet left messages for the Star Seeds who would become aware of their roles in this time (please see the newsletters for the starbrary channelings). Truly, this Spirit is a Destiny Quartz – she tells of the legacy of the Star Peoples and explains the role the appropriate Star Seed will have in this life's expression. She is one of the most intricate starbraries I have ever seen and is only for one Keeper. She has the Heaven and Earth configuration as well (hematite and amethyst) which shows us that our divine role must be blended with physical expression in order to fully actualize the core being, our Self. This adds an uncommon dimension to her sweet, yet protective energies and assists the Star Seed who is struggling with the knowledge of their own legacy. You will know her immediately and will know how to decode her wonderful records. In addition, you will already have a companion crystal for her who will provide some of the keys. I guarantee that if you were unaware of your destiny before meeting her, there will be NO doubt after!

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Pastel, Opalescent Heaven and Earth Amethyst Destiny Quartz

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