#21053 Altar, Magical DT Cathedral Lightbrary Palest Citrine Quartz
Altar, Magical DT Cathedral Lightbrary Palest Citrine Quartz
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This is an amazing 1 lb 2.1 oz DT lightbrary from Brazil and is 6.4” by 2.8” by 1.8” and is multi-terminated at both terminations. Her color is a very, very pale, warm citrine with waterfall-like terminations going down her back and a dime-sized hot spot! There is another smaller and lighter one near her base termination.Her lower termination and back reside in clouds while her upper termination is a perfection of clarity. She is exceedingly well Lemurian lines and intricate in detail. Each person will see something different in them! She is full of mystery and incredible information and will bring much joy and knowledge to her rightful Keeper! And she is a perfect altar size!

The ancient peoples sought crystals such as this because of the power they contained. She is also a lightbrary, hosting the records of the millennia in her atoms – and she is also a Brazilian lightbrary, astounding in her incredible energies. Her glyphed faces are keys to unlocking the secrets of the ancients. These unite her with the air and water; she is earth and fire. To work with this Spirit, gather other items of the earth: feathers, shells, flowers, herbs, small stones. Guru quartz is a teacher Spirit. And that she is. And true teaching is way beyond imparting knowledge. You can learn facts all day long, but until you apply them in a way that adds dimension to your life, you have not learned anything of value … you must turn knowledge into wisdom … and that is her role. Her many glyphs entice you to scry, examining the many dimensions of possibilities and probabilities. She is for one Keeper and one only …

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Altar, Magical DT Cathedral Lightbrary Palest Citrine Quartz

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