#21066 Glittery Snow Queen Russian Growth Interference Quartz Crystal
Glittery Snow Queen Russian Growth Interference Quartz Crystal
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This is an extraordinary and glittering 2.5 oz, growth interference quartz crystal, 3.4” by 1.2” by 0.9” from Dal’negorsk, Russia. The growth interference lines are sharp and distinct particularly at the termination, although covered in places with a fine, sparkly, snow-white druse that contrasts to the very light smoky of the base crystal. The “snow” looks dark in areas, but that is merely a shadow effect. She looks like ice with snow accents on one side while her back is lustrous and gleaming! Her base is slanted and healed and I love the contrasts about her! Her wonderful energies radiate outward and she functions rather like a frosty antenna and if any crystal personified change and transformation, this one does!

Growth interference quartz is a transformation quartz. Layers of calcite shaped its beauty and then melted away through the eons. Deep within her soul, this Spirit knows about positive change and can assist you in dealing with and directing change in your own life. The Snow Queen’s aspect is one of introspection. To Native America, winter, the time of the snows, is a time for peace and introspection when the quiet is so deep that you suddenly become aware of your own heartbeat. It is a time of invention, according to a dear friend. When you can’t hunt and grow food, you have to sustain yourself throughout the long winter snows so that you are warm, well fed and occupied. You learn creativity, invention and expression, almost meditating as you work. And as spring approaches, you discover that you have developed a facet of yourself previously untapped and unexplored. The Snow Queen helps you adjust to this change which is often quite profound. You will never be the same again! Change is the only constant!!

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Glittery Snow Queen Russian Growth Interference Quartz Crystal

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