#21068 Heart-Shaped Japan Law Twin Quartz - Transformation
Heart-Shaped Japan Law Twin Quartz - Transformation
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This is a frosted, yet gloriously sparkly, 11.95 grams, 1.6” by 1.3” by 0.5” Japan law twin quartz from Madagascar. She is mist-filled and covered with a druse of tiny crystals at the base of one side. Check her with a loupe and you will see two tiny black tourmaline crystals on her surface as well! The Japan law twin (aka Dauphine twin) is a rare and special type of quartz twinning where the two crystals begin at a common base, but terminate at nearly 90 degree angles from each other. And in her case, she is wide enough that she resembles a natural crystalline heart! She is a perfect size for medicine pouch, crystal or Reiki healing or wire-wrapping. There are a few very tiny dings, but nothing of significance.

This Spirit has amazing energies! Because of her Japanese Law formation, the energy flow is very different depending on her orientation. She represents the Spiritual crossroads we all reach in life where we come face to face with determining what our true purpose is here in this life’s expression. When we think of life’s purpose, most of us think about the ‘job’ that we do to earn money to support ourselves. For the most part, we know it’s not our life’s work and in general, we have a high level of dissatisfaction with work, management, hours, etc. And, we keep looking for that magical job that will set us free. Well, it doesn’t work like that … our life’s purpose may be more simple or more complex. Sometimes, it is simply to be a good neighbor to an elderly couple, or a good mom to your kids or to listen to someone in trouble. Or, we could ultimately be Healers and work in energy fields. And because she has two sets of Japanese law twins, that suggests dual roles – most auspicious! Bottom line, she shows us that we have the capacity for change AND for Spiritual growth and advancement – and in short – transformation!

Sit with this Spirit by placing her termination against the central palm meridian so that the thumb and fingers frame her ‘petals’. Play beautiful music like Michael Rowland’s ‘Fairy Ring’ and as the music carries your mind to higher levels, focus on what it is that truly makes you happy, albeit petting kittens to doing good deeds. Ask for guidance as to how to incorporate these things into your life as it suits your true life’s purpose. Do not judge – just allow those impressions to come forward. At the end of the meditation, write things down and through the next few weeks, add to that list the miracles you see in every day: the butterflies, the first fireflies, your granddaughter’s first smile, your neighbor’s face when you bring flowers, etc. These miracles (and they truly are) will help you understand the messages from your meditation. ALLOW and work with this Spirit often – open your wings to flight and witness your own metamorphosis!

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Heart-Shaped Japan Law Twin Quartz - Transformation

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