#21092 Spectacular Cluster of Deep Silvered Red Manganovesuvianite
Spectacular Cluster of Deep Silvered Red Manganovesuvianite
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This incredible 2.9 oz manganovesuvianite cluster measures 2.2” by 1.5” by 1.15” and comes from the Kalahari Manganese Fields in South Africa. Her color is a deep, deep dark red with a silver cast to it and she is a mass of tiny, glittering needle-like crystals with insets of hematite and aragonite. Apologies … no matter how many times I took the pictures, the light reflected off these flat sides and makes her look really silvered – she is deepest red. Her manganese content makes the color so dark and heady. Use a loupe to see the detail of the little crystals with their amazing color, glyphs and perfect little terminations. She is a rare and spectacular piece and you won’t be disappointed in the least!

The feel of this piece is very, very Primal Chakra. And in spite of being dark in color, I find her energy joyous and stimulating! As we work on Spiritual advancement, we become focused on the crown and the higher energies of the mind. In general, we figure that the physical Chakras will take care of themselves … well, they are critical to maintaining the balance of all of the Chakras! The Primal Chakra holds the Source Self, seat of our core beliefs, family, tribe and being. If anything goes against the Source Self, no matter how much we want it to happen, it won’t – we will have set up internal blockages without realizing it. As an example, in 1400, your core belief would have been that the world was flat. Think of the leap it would take to show you any other reality! This Spirit truly opens your Source Self to allow you to examine that which is holding you back. In this manner, you can alter your belief system, make “course corrections”, release things that would otherwise prevent you from realizing all that you could from your Spiritual endeavors. It is an important lesson – balance in all things! And what a beautiful and astounding way to maintain that balance!

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Spectacular Cluster of Deep Silvered Red Manganovesuvianite

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